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PMS Fencing contractor we had started our company way back in 1995, We are known as the best Fencing Contractors in Trichy. We are doing fencing installation around Trichy City for more than 20 years. 

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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing is also known as mesh Fencing. In this fence multiple wires will be twisted with each other to create a Diamond Shape Fence. These fence are used widely as it gives more protection.  It is commonly used to give protection for yards, playgrounds, sports fields, construction sites, and other areas.


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Barbed wire Fence

Barbed wire Fencing in which the fencing wire will have sharp spike on it. With its Sharp Spikes it will create a rough surface. These Fencing wires are used for the places where we need high protection. For example if we need high protection for our land from animals and other people it will be the best choice.


Concertina Coil Fence

Concertina Coil Fence

Concertina Coil Fencing or razor wire fencing in which Blade kind of surface will be projected in the fence wire. More over these fence are suitable for the industries who need high protection from robbery and bugler activities. To Create a safe environment Concertina Coil Fencing is the best choice.

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Y angle Wall Top Fencing

Y angle Wall Top Fencing in which we can able to see a Y Angle structure in the fencing wire inserting poles. Due to its Y angle we can able to place two fence in a pole in a top wall and it creates more protection protection for your boundaries. It is more suitable for the places in where more wild animal movement are there and industrial area which need  unwanted movement in Night.

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing​

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing​

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing in which we can able to see new layer over Chain link Mesh. PVC coating will help the mesh to protect itself from hard weather conditions. And it will last more years as it has protection layer. As PVC coating is there we will have only low maintenance. People who need long lasting fence  with worth for their money they can choose PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing​.

Ready Made Compound wall

Ready Made Compound wall​

Ready Made Compound wall​ is one of the best solution for constructing a Boundary wall in a short period of time. It can be constructed in less amount of money. It is an instant solution by which we can create a Walled boundaries for your properties and agriculture land. We are manufacturing all the RCC Compound slab and RCC Fencing pole. 

PMS Fencing we are having the best Manufacturing unit in Chinna Salem and Trichy. All the fencing materials and RCC Compound wall materials are been manufactured in our own manufacturing unit. 

All the machines we have are been imported from JAPAN and every products we are getting for manufacturing are first class Raw Materials. So we give assurance that all the fencing and RCC Compound wall products will come with best quality.

For our services only we are known as the best fencing contractors in Trichy.

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we are having best transportation facilities to transport our goods all over Trichy

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labor facility

We have the best experienced labor force for all kind of fencing and RCC Compound wall works in Trichy.

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we are giving best maintenance service for all the fencing and RCC Compound wall for make sure the health of the fence and RCC Compound wall. 

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What About Our Industry Performance

We had our Manufacturing Unit and started way back at 2004. With high tech Machines we Started our production activities with 20 workers and now it has been extended into multiple plant in chinna salem and Trichy.

We are known as best fencing contractors in Trichy for our services and Products. All of our Customers are happy with our works.

We are ISO Certified manufacturers in Trichy, All the equipment’s are bought according to  the standards. So all the products are been manufactured in best quality.

Even Measurement for all the poles

Low Cost for all Kind of Fencing and RCC Compound wall works

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Own Project Create Designation

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I had a great experience working with Subi Fencing fencing contractor. They were knowledgeable, and courteous, and took great care in ensuring the final product was exactly what I wanted.

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Murugan Farmer

Reliable fencing service. Reasonable cost and worthy fencing materials. Good finishing work. I recommend this fencing service to all.

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Venkat Raja Local Guide

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PMS Fencing Contractors we are doing fencing works for 2o plus years. And manufacturing for 15 Plus years. We are known as the market leaders in Fencing service. If you need best fencing work in Trichy city we are known as the best Fencing Contractors in Trichy. 

We have done many fencing projects around Trichy, so we knew what kind of works will be suitable for Trichy people. 

We are having our own Consultation team who can able to help you in all manner and they will give an clear idea for your fencing works. They will be from beginning to end of the work and you will get updating about work.

For our top notch services we are known


Best Fencing Contractors in Trichy.

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Contact Us for best Fencing Works and Installation, We send Fencing materials like Fencing Wires, Fencing Poles, Tools for Bulk order. We have the best man power who are having experience for several years in this field. So , Please Contact Us immediately for fencing solution in Trichy.


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